Sint Sebastiaanstraat 12, 4331 PL Middelburg
Discover Anne

In Anne you will find offices, classrooms, engineering labs and lots of study space.


Central Entrance Hall

The central entrance hall is your first taste of the Anne building. It has 40 individual student study spaces, but working on a group project or brainstorming also has dedicated space. This central hub will lead to printing facilities and toilets, but also provides access to the different labs.

Forum Classroom

This innovative round classroom with college style seating in concentric arcs allows for 55 guests in a small space. It is used for (guest) lectures, moot courts and class discussions.

Study Spaces

Get your self-study on in this bright area with 25 study spaces or get your group together for a brainstorm.

Mechanical Lab

This Engineering Lab is specifically focused on Mechanical Engineering. With 15 work benches for students, there is enough space to get instructions and work on practical assignments. In this Lab, students will learn the basics of working with sheet metal, welding and machining. Of course, laser cutting, using and reusing of plastic will be possible too. Lastly, there is a spray cabin to add some color to a project.

Biochemical Engineering Lab

This Engineering Lab is split into two parts, one side for Biological experiments and the other side for Chemical experiments. The Biological side has a Laminar Flow Cabinet and lab tables that allow for research and experimentation.


This Workshop has space for 15 students to take classes or work on assignments. Students within the Project courses can use their Toolbox to work independently on their projects in this space. The possibilities are nearly endless, from assembling and soldering electronics, to woodworking, or from sewing fabrics to manipulating plastics. You can even work on 3D graphic design and printing in this space. It's also connected to a space with an electron microscope with creep tester, material composition probe and tensile testing machine that allows for material research.