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 Summer School Archive

​The UCR Summer School has been the host of many different courses in the past summers. Some of the courses were aimed at professionals, others at students and some were just for interested people. There are a few courses that have run for a number of years, while others are one time only offerings. The archive of summer school courses at UCR can be found below, for the current offerings see Utrecht Summer School. ​Any questions can be directed at​

Recurring courses


Excellent Learning throught Teaching Excellence course

  • ​​This 4-day course focusses on providing senior instructors with the necessary skills to develop excellent teaching abilities. The course is organised in cooperation with Harvad University's Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. Brochure_2016

Decolonial Summer School

  • ​The Decolonial Summer School opens new perspectives to understanding global injustice. It revolves around a different theme each year. ​More information can be found here​.

Courses in 2016 

  • Excellent Learning Through Teac​hing Excellence​
    Dr. René Diekstra
    20 June - 23 June (4 days)
    [Download the Brochure]

  • Food Politics in the European Union
    Dr. Herman Lelieveldt
    4 July - 15 July
    [Download the Brochure] - note ECTS have been increased to 4.

  • How to Think Like a Mountain: Making and Reflecting in Art & Design
    Sophie Krier (Artist in Residence) 
    4 July - 9 July ​
    [Download the Brochure]

  • Introduction to Epidemiology
    Prof. dr. Ger Rijkers
    22 August - 26 August

  • What does it mean to 'decolonize'? Introducing the decolonial option 
    Dr. Rolando Vazquez & Dr. Walter Mignolo (Duke University)
    15 June - 1 July (2.5 weeks)

Courses in 2015

  • Excellent Learning Through Teaching Excellence​
    Dr. René Diekstra
    22 June - 25 June (4 days)

  • How to Think Like a Mountain: Making and Reflecting in Art & Design -
    Call closed
    Sophie Krier (Artist in Residence) 
    13 July - 17 July (5 days )  ​

  • Human Rights in Practice: Working in the Field
    Frank Elbers (HREA) and Prof. Barbara Oomen
    29 June - 3 July (5 days)

  • International Business Law: Comparing Europe and the USA​
    Dr. Pieter Ippel and other faculty
    15 June - 26 June (2 weeks)​

  • Introduction to Epidemiology
    Dr. Ger Rijkers
    24 August - 27 August (4 days)

  • Short Film Making
    Jeroen van Oyen (Cavak)
    3 August - 7 August

  • Social Inclusion and Human Rights
    Sophie Feintuch (HREA)
    6 July - 10 July (5 days)

  • Stolen Memories: Museums, Slavery and (De)Coloniality
    Dr. Rolando Vazquez & Dr. Walter Mignolo (Duke University)
    30 June - 16 July (2.5 weeks)

  • Teaching Global Citizenship and Human Rights​
    Fiona Ang and Frank Elbers (HREA)​
    23 June - 26 June (4 days)

  • The West and the Challenge of Terrorism
    Dr. David Woolner (Bard College)
    30 June - 17 July (3 weeks)

Courses in 2014

  • Biology and Economy: The Basics
    [Cancelled] Prof. Ger Rijkers, 23 June - 27 June
  • Excellent Learning Through Teaching Excellence
    Dr. R. Diekstra, 23 June - 26 June

  • Biophilia, the Impact on the Medical Profession
    ​[Cancelled] Dr. Inez Flameling, Prof. Ger Rijkers & Dr. Gerda Andringa 

  • Democracy, Slavery and the Decolonial Option
    Dr. Rolando Vazquez (and international faculty), 16 June - 1 July

  • Drawing in Conceptual Art
    Dr. Hans Bloemsma, 30 June - 4 July

  • Masterclass Public Speaking
    Dr. Anya Luscombe, 27 June 

  • Plant-Man Interaction and the Moving Plant: Science, Arts and Intelligence
    [Cancelled] Prof. Bert van Duijn, 7 July - 11 July

  • The Art of Logical Thinking 
    Dr. John Scott Gray (Ferris State University), 17 June - 18 July

Courses in 2013

  • Master Class - Making the Documentary
    Dr. C. Pafort, 10 June - 22 June. PDF Brochure
  • Excellent Learning Through Teaching Excellence
    Dr. R. Diekstra, 10 June – 13 June. PDF Brochure

  • Public Speaking
    Dr. A. Luscombe, June 21PDF Brochure

  • Slavery: The Past and Present of Social (Un)Justice​, Introducting the Decolonial Option
    Dr. R. Vazquez, 24 June – July. PDF Brochure

  • SCUBA Diving Course
    Patrick Moison (DiveXpress). 26 June - 29 June. PDF Brochure.

  • Drawing in the 21st Century
    Dr. J.H. Bloemsma, 01 July – 05 July. PDF Brochure

  • Food Politics in Europe
    Dr. H. Lelieveldt, 01 July – 12 July. PDF Brochure

  • Fresh and Salt Groundwater in Deltaic Regions: Mathematics, Numerical Modeling and Applications
    Prof. dr. R.J. Schotting, 01 July – 05 July. PDF Brochure

  • Teaching in English (CLIL) 
    Dr. A. Luscombe, 16 August. PDF Brochure

​Summer Courses have been organized in cooperation with: 


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