Ending violence against women is everyone’s business

Nearly 1 in 3 women have been abused in their lifetime. In times of crises, the numbers rise, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and recent humanitarian crises, conflicts, and climate disasters. A new report from UN Women, based on data from 13 countries since the pandemic, shows that 2 in 3 women reported that they or a woman they know experienced some form of violence and are more likely to face food insecurity. Only 1 in 10 women said that victims would go to the police for help.

While pervasive, gender-based violence is not inevitable. It can and must be prevented. University College Roosevelt does not tolerate gender-based violence and we act against it if and when it occurs. We are proud of and support students who stand up against the disrespectful and unacceptable treatment of women worldwide and closer to home.

As we mark and support the annual 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence campaign (25 November – 10 December), UCR hopes to join hands with survivors, activists, decision-makers, and people from every walk of life, to shine a light on the need for funding, essential services, prevention, and data that shapes better-informed responses.

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