UCR student Jetske van Veen and  dr. Helle Hochscheid have won a national competition for an inclusive education project held by the Zenobia Foundation. The prize was awarded for the project Archaeology in the Classroom that is part of Jetske’s SEPR and of a long-term community project dr. Hochscheid is running together with Pouline Remijn, teacher at the ABS, a local primary school.

In this project, replicas of archaeological objects from all over the world and throughout time, are 3D printed in the engineering department of UCR (with great thanks to dr. Kocher-Oberlehner!) and used as hands-on teaching materials for primary school children. The jury praised the project for its inclusivity, bringing global material culture into children’s early education. They commended the project’s clear goals and the intertwining effort of the different types of education. We are very excited to watch this innovative project continue and grow.