Snežana believes that diversity and inclusion are both at the core of our society, and should be in the heart of academia. Snežana hopes that, as a chair of the UCR EDI-committee, she can contribute to modelling an ideal inclusive culture within UCR by ensuring at first place that the EDI-committee itself is diverse, including minorities and diverse points of view, and inclusive environment that encourages all members to contribute and constructively challenge assumptions and perspectives.

As a chair of UCR EDI-committee and a member of UU EDI Steering Committee, Snežana has several important goals: to maintain the tone set that EDI is important to the UCR by keeping it on the Board agenda, to further embed EDI into the UCR’s strategy and to maintain strong collaborations with UU/UCU-EDI and various UCR student EDI-minded initiatives. Additionally, Snežana’s hopes to promote inclusive (undergraduate) research and expand collaborative research opportunities related to diversity and inclusion for students, faculty, and staff at UCR.

Examples of Snežana’s latest work related to diversity:

  • Stupar-Rutenfrans, S., Verdouw, P. C. D., Van Boven, J., Ryzhkina, O. A., Batkhina, A., Aksoz-Efe, I., Hamzallari, O., Papageorgopoulou, P., Uka, F.,  Petrović, N., Statovci, A., Rutenfrans-Stupar, M., Praničević, D. G., Zahaj, S., & Mijts, E. (2021). Ethnic outgroup aggression: A pilot study on the importance of emotion regulation, nationalism and susceptibility to persuasion. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 84, 79-85.
  • Lindert, A., Korzilius, H. P. L. M., Stupar-Rutenfrans, S., & Van de Vijver, A. J. R. E. (2021). The role of perceived discrimination, intergroup contact and adoption in acculturation among four Dutch immigrant groups, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, (in press),