Science magazine in 1993 published a short paper by Faye Flam, which was based on material provided by Jane Gitschier (1). It concerns mapping of genes on the Y-chromosome, mapping not based on actual sequencing but positional location of typical male phenotypic characteristics that are so prominent that they must have a genetic basis.

At the time of construction of the map, mobile phones and social networks still had to be invented and images were shown in glass framed slides. What hasn’t changed is that typical males are still  unable to express affection over the telephone. The gene assigned to that trait was termed ME-2. We would propose to change the nomenclature of this particular gene to avoid confusion with the (let’s hope acquired) inappropriate male behavior towards women. Because a mobile phone in 2020 is more often used for written, rather than verbal communication, the proposed acronym for this gene would be ILY. There is no more room for a ME-2 gene on the male Y chromosome.

PS: The DC-10 gene (for the ability to identify aircraft) may need an update soon with only 38 identifiable flying objects left as of 2018.