One of the overarching themes of the work visit of the minister is the declining population and the consequences this has for education in Zeeland. On November 14, the institutions will show how they manage this, for example by working closely together. They also highlight the opportunities resulting from population decrease. Subjects like student well-being, research and educational cooperation will also be discussed.

University College Roosevelt (10.30-12.00)

Minister Dijkgraaf starts his visit with UCR in Middelburg at 10.30. He will be welcomed by Common House Elliott in the Lange Noordstraat. Elliott is the study and meeting space for UCR students. He will get a tour of the building and have a conversation with students, where student well-being will be the main topic. Afterwards he will attend presentations about an innovative archaeology project and the Academische Werkplaats Ouderenzorg (Elderly Care) in the Anne academic building. The visit to UCR ends around 12.00 with a performance of the Roosevelt College Choir in the Burgerzaal of the former Town Hall.

Joint Research Center Zeeland (12.15-13.15)

At 12.15 Dijkgraaf arrives in the restaurant of the HZ location Het Groene Woud in Middelburg. During a typical Zeeuwse lunch, he will get acquainted with the Joint Research Center Zeeland (JRZC), which is being built next to the HZ building. The JRCZ is a joint research laboratory for students, researchers, companies and the government. During the lunch, three teams of researchers, teachers and students will showcase how they collaborate in research around important themes such as water, energy, food and biobased economy and how the new laboratory will stimulate this. The lunch will conclude around 13.15.

HZ University of Applied Sciences (14.00-15.30)

After the lunch, Dijkgraaf will continue his visit by going to the HZ in Vlissingen. The HZ has collaborated with other educational institutions and businesses to come up with innovative solutions to deal with the specific challenges of the region and will showcase this. The focus will be on social societal study programs, such as Primary School Teaching and Nursing. The minister will have a conversation with students and teachers. To conclude the visit, there will be a round table conversation with a.o. Olaf Timmermans of Healthy Region and Patrick van Schaik of Excellence and Innovation in Education about applied research and higher education in the region.

Scalda (from 15.45)

Starting at 15.45, the minister will end his formal visit at the Podium location of Scalda in Middelburg. Minister Dijkgraaf will talk with students and teachers about innovations that Scalda implements to maintain a broad range of study programs for students from Zeeland, while collaborating with partners in institutions and businesses. He will be introduced to the vocational routes for the domains food service industry and health care. The new Start College, where programs of level 1 and 2 are integrated, will be given special attention.

Finally, the minister will participate in a so called Spreek Je Uit-session (express yourself), an informal conversation with approximately 100 students and teachers, about the importance of vocational higher education. Themes such as equal opportunities, internships, innovation of education and the role of research in vocational higher education are on the program.