“Michael Burke has devoted himself with knowledge, vision and personal enthusiasm to developing honors education further within our university for the past five years,” says Rector Magnificus Henk Kummeling. “Thanks to Burke’s passion for interdisciplinary education, the UU Honors College was founded under his supervision in 2017 and further expanded over the years. What I think is special about Michael is that he always puts the student first. You can see all of that in Burke’s slogan, which he often used: ‘Honors: it is all about the students’.”


Burke looks back on his period as UU Honors Dean with satisfaction. “I’ve been able to develop many beautiful and successful programs, such as Graduate Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars  and the Leadership’s Program. Since then, I’ve been in the position to provide education to hundreds of Master’s students.” On top of that, lecturers from all faculties and Colleges enrolled in Burke’s annual Honors Teaching Program. A number of them received the Honors Teacher of the Year Award . With this award, which was founded by Burke, the university recognizes and celebrates the honors lecturers’ achievements.

“I’ve become a better lecturer thanks to them.”

According to Burke, honors education is a testing ground for education innovation, is inspiring and encouraging each other an important starting point in that, and is a special way of supervising required. “It’s a big honor and a privilege to me that I’ve been able to work with so many talented lecturers and students from all faculties. I’ve learned a lot from them and I’ve become a better lecturer thanks to them.”

UU Honors College

The UU Honors College  provides interfaculty, interdisciplinary honors education for both Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Besides that, it makes connections between all honors programs of UU and encourages meetings within the university-wide honors community.

New Honors Dean

Utrecht University is currently looking for a new Honors Dean.