Like the other UCR buildings (Franklin, Eleanor, Theodore, Elliott), the building is named after a member of the Roosevelt family, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (nickname Anne). Anne is the granddaughter of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt, and like her grandparents, she is committed to freedom of education and self-development.

Anne Roosevelt: “It gives me great hope to see engineering woven into the arts and sciences at University College Roosevelt, because I think it’s absolutely the right approach. But it’s not just a philosophy. This building, which you have so graciously named after me, is open and integral to the campus, giving tangible meaning, to the term liberal engineering.”

The Engineering program was made possible in part with funds from the Regio Deal, which are used to tackle regional issues in conjunction with contributions from the national government, the province and the municipality.

Outgoing Minister van Engelshoven: “The Anne building and the engineering major are wonderful acquisitions, primarily for Zeeland, of course. The new facilities will undoubtedly attract even more talent, national and international, to UCR. Moreover, I am sure that we will ultimately benefit throughout the Netherlands from all the beautiful things that are happening here in Zeeland. I am proud that we as national and regional governments have contributed to this.”

The building, which houses numerous study areas in addition to labs and practice areas, is used by students from all majors within UCR.

Prof. dr. Frank van der Stappen, Head of Department Science and Engineering: “Engineering is a field that cannot just be studied in theory: it is crucial to apply engineering design methodologies and principles in practice, on a small scale within regular courses, but also on a larger scale and in a (interdisciplinary) team. Moreover, within the Liberal Arts and Science setting of UCR there is also ample opportunity for students from other majors to collaborate and integrate different refreshing views on today’s challenges.”