The members of the Bagijnhof Composting team of the spring semester of 2020 were nominated for leading the ongoing community composting project at the Bagijnhof campus. The project involves students, Elliott and a local communal garden, whom all contribute to a circular economy which gives back to the soil. The composting team is the driving force of the project. However, the project includes the contribution of all students who live within houses that are part of the project (approximately 130 students partook in the project last semester). The students within each house collects their organic waste in a common trash can, which is weekly transferred and processed in a large self-built container by members of the composting team. Coffee grounds from the student cafe in Elliott is also collected by students and taken by the team. After the semester is over, the organic waste has fully decomposed, and is given to a local community garden.

The project was started in February 2019 by two students (Benjamin Strömbäck and Claire Dépit), but has since the spring semester of 2020 been run by a six member team:

– Claire Dépit as Coordinator

– Farina Shabaan as Promotion Manager

– Mae Glaese as Event Manager

– Alix Convent as Treasurer

– Bianka Fábryová as Communication Manager

– Emil Sigmann Engh as Quality Service Manager

The composting team has ambitions of the project to continue into the future. Therefore, a new team has been formed for the fall semester of 2020.