In August, it was the second time the Yellow House exhibition ‘Als Schappen Oren Hadden’ opened. Visitors got to see the supermarket of the future, some laughed at the labeling, others felt confronted by our contemporary consuming behavior, but in general people were invested in this dystopian experience. For updates about future projects, follow the Yellow House Facebook page.

Curated by: Nuria Bofarull with curatorial assistant Sien Christiaanse

Installation design: Athina Andreadou

The Yellow House Creative team: Jil Wengler, Benjamin Lewin, Tabita Houtman, Maria Zaczykiewicz, Marijke van Selm, Daantje van de Linde, Léa Jörg​

Thanks to: University College Roosevelt, RASA, Stadsfeesten Middelburg, Vleeshal, Bar American