Zeeuws Archief

Hofplein 16, 4331 CK Middelburg

The Zeeuws Archief, the archives, is an independent facility that UCR students can use to find information or to go and study in silence.  The archives are located close to main building of UCR and have materials available online as well as on hand. It’s a great place to visit, not only for their study spaces, but also to explore the small exhibitions they host on different Zeeland related topics. On a nice day you can even use the outside terrace to enjoy the weather while studying!


This is the entrance of the archives. The archives are a 5 minute walk from the main academic buildings of UCR.


This is the first area you'll see after entering the building. At the reception desk you can sign up and they will make sure you get access to the building and further assistance.


The cafe is a great area to meet with someone from the archives or to sit down with a fellow class mate to discuss the information you've just gained.


If the weather allows, there's even a terrace where you can sit down, enjoy your drink and process information!

The archives

These are the flexible work places in the archives. After letting the person behind the desk know what you are looking for, you can sit down here and read through the materials you've requested. If you need anything, there's always someone in this area to help you out!

The archives

Here you can see the archives from a different angle. Up here, there are more spaces to sit down and study in quiet.

Hofplein 8

Middelburg is home to many monuments, like this mansion built in 1765 turned district court in 1876. Explore the city to find more!