Jacob Roggeveenhof

Jacob Roggeveenhof , 4333 AZ Middelburg
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Our largest student housing location is Roggeveen. This campus location is close to the canals of Middelburg en about 15 minutes walking distance from the Market square. In Roggeveen you can find studio apartments as well as a few shared apartments where students have their own room but share a kitchen en bathroom. The studio apartments have a private bathroom and kitchen area. There are different common rooms in the building for drinks and studying, as well as laundry facilities.  The best things about Roggeveen?  This seven floor building offers great view of the city and fun hallway diners!

Roggeveen Hallway

This is a hallway in Roggeveen, where you can find the doors to different studio apartments. In Roggeveen they like to use these hallways to organize weekly hallway diners together.

Student room

This is the living and sleeping area of a studio apartment in Roggeveen. Every student is free to decorate the room as they wish and make it feel like home.

Student room (Kitchen and Bathroom area)

The studio apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom.

Common room

There are several common rooms in this seven-floor building. These area's are a great place if you want to meet up with other students to have a small get together or study session.

Laundry room

You can find laundry rooms on three of the floors in Roggeveen hof.