Lange Noordstraat 1, 4331 CB Middelburg
Discover Franklin

Franklin is the main building, and is located in the former city hall. This building contains classrooms 13 to 18, the offices of UCR Management, staff, and faculty, Student Support, a music room, a computer lab, and the Reception desk.

Franklin reception

The reception is the main hub of Franklin, where calls are answered, people are directed to the right spots and students can get help. It also provides access to the staff offices on the first floor.


This is an example of what a classroom in our building Franklin looks like. In the back of this classroom you can find a piano, this is for students in our music performing program. As a student you can book this classroom to practice.


The Burgerzaal is our main room for organizing events such as lectures, seminars and receptions. This is also the room where we meet with interested students that visit us for our open days.


Another beautiful room in Franklin is the Raadzaal. This room is used by UCR for smaller events and important meetings. Students of the Law track will also have moot courts in the Raadzaal.

B&W Kamer

All rooms in the Gothic part of Franklin have beautiful works of art on the wall and are tastefully decorated. This is also visible in the B&W Kamer. This room is mainly used for small gatherings or meetings.