Bagijnhof, 4331 CP Middelburg
Discover Bagijnhof

Though Bagijnhof is home to as many students as Roggeveenhof, the 180 people living here are spread throughout several houses of 10 to 16 people each. These are located in the streets Bagijnhof, Pluimstraat or Breeweg. You share a common room, a kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry facilities while living in Bagijnhof, You still have your own private bedroom of 10 to 20m2. The houses are located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Middelburg and are a five-minute walk from UCR. Due to its shared, social nature, Bagijnhof is known for its great communal atmosphere, house parties, late-night homework sessions in the common rooms, and house dinners every day.


The different houses in this street are mostly student houses making it a very lively neighborhood. It's also the location for the annual Christmas Market.


Campus location Bagijnhof can be found in the streets Bagijnhof, Pluimstraat and Bree.

Student room

This is an example of what a room in our Bagijnhof campus can look like. All rooms are large enough for you to create a space where you can be by yourself and enjoy some quiet time.

Common area

The common area is an important location in the house because this is where students living in Bagijnhof will get together to study, have diner or enjoy a drink! Every student has their own room, however they share a kitchen and bathrooms.