Bachtensteene, 4331 AB Middelburg
Discover Bachtensteene

Bachtensteene is the smallest campus location and closest to UCR, it is home to 76 students. As the building was previously a home for the elderly, students live in studio apartments where they have access to a private bedroom and living area, bathroom (including toilet, shower, and sink) and a kitchenette. Each room has between 20 and 25m2 of floor space. If that is not enough space for you, there are also common rooms on the ground, first, and second floors that are used for house breakfasts and dinners, campus parties, and game nights. There are also several shared laundry rooms to be used for free. Unique to Bachtensteene is the large communal kitchen where you can cook for large groups of people, host cooking competitions, or prepare your own meal.

Bachtensteene entrance

Park you bike, enter through the sliding doors and grab your mail. Or in reverse, walk out the sliding doors, cross the street and you're at the academic buildings!

Student room

This is one of the studio apartments in the Bachtensteene Campus. Every studio has its own bathroom and kitchen and enough space to study, relax or have a friend over.

Common kitchen

In Bachtensteene most students use the communal kitchen to prepare their food. The kitchen in the studio might be small so if you enjoy cooking and even more so cooking together with others this is a great space!

Common room first floor

In Bachtensteene every floor has its own common room, this is the common room on the first floor. This is a great place for students to come together without having to leave their building. There are also washers and dryers available on each floor.

Common area ground floor

Next to the entrance of the building you can find the common room of the ground floor in Bachtensteene. Its an open area often used for social activities and meet ups.