Are you interested in the ethical and legal implications of using face recognition to ensure security in airports? Get there by combining courses in Engineering with Philosophy and Law. Do you love analyzing political dynamics during the World Wars through the medium of fiction? A degree in Politics, History, and Literature would be right for you! Do you want to do something completely different? Make your own combination!


University College Roosevelt is for those with more than one interest, for those that are passionate about many different disciplines and topics. You can combine courses from the Arts & Humanities, the Sciences, Engineering, and the Social Sciences, while building a strong foundation in academic skills. UCR prepares you for your career in modern-day problem solving.


As you follow this broad program, you will be living in guaranteed housing in the historic city of Middelburg. You will be surrounded by 500 students from all over the world, who are just as motivated, internationally oriented, and socially active as you are. Our students are highly involved in making the UCR community as close-knit as it is by organizing events such as concerts, volleyball matches, guest lectures, or the Christmas Market open to all people from Middelburg.


If this sounds like the place for you, why don’t you meet some of our students?

Ever wanted to know what a day at University College Roosevelt really looks like?

Classes depend on the course, professor, and week in the semester, events change every week, and one day you may have dinner alone, whereas the next you share food with 15 others – no day is the same in the life of a UCR student. However, we can still give you an idea of what a day at UCR might entail. Follow Tra as she explores Middelburg, goes to class, and has dinner with her housemates!

NEW: Engineering!

As of Fall 2020, UCR will have a new department in Engineering. This department will focus on questions regarding water security, energy transition, and food production in delta areas. Small-scale, sustainable solutions is their motto. As an Engineering student, you will still follow other courses at UCR, so you can look beyond a specific technical problem and take societal issues into account. We already welcomed a pioneering group of Engineering students in Fall 2019, who will be helping to build the department.

Stay updated with the first Engineering students!

Just like our students did before coming to study here, you may have some expectations about University College Roosevelt – about student life and the community, about the courses, about the academic program, about Middelburg, and much more. The best way to show you what the UCR experience is really like is by letting the students speak for themselves. You have already been introduced to Diez, Tra, Katja, Arjan, and Irakli. You may have read what our students think about their study experience or what they do during summer. In the video below, you can listen to even more students talking about their experience in class and on campus, and see some of the beautiful parts of the university buildings, the city of Middelburg, and the province of Zeeland!

"One of the most important things I've learned is to get out of the everyday, auto-pilot mode, to be more aware of my thoughts and actions, and how these influence the world around me."

But what can I do with this all?

After UCR, over 90% of our Alumni goes on to do a Master or Ph.D. program at some of the best universities in the world. Some graduates pick a specific study, others combine topics and stay in a broad program – as you can see in the examples below. They end up all over the world, with some highly popular destinations in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and many more. Commonly chosen schools include Utrecht University, Oxford University, London School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Cambridge University.

Some examples

  • Journalism, Media, and Globalization (Aarhus University)
  • Visual Arts Program (Emerson College Boston)
  • Particle Physics and Astrophysics (University of Amsterdam)
  • Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA) (Utrecht University)
  • Social Psychology (Cambridge University)
  • Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity and Integration (University of Helsinki)

Intrigued? Come meet us in Middelburg!

Join an Open Day to learn about our program, experience our campus, and interact with our students and Faculty. Become a Student for a Day and experience a class and everyday student life. Schedule an individual visit to talk with a staff member and enjoy a campus tour. We will also be visiting schools and fairs in the Netherlands and abroad!