Three general webinars, offered at different times to accommodate a large range of time zones, will be available. During the Academic Introduction webinar, you will learn about the UCR academic program and can ask all your questions on how you can combine different disciplines. We will also go into some more depth about what happens during a regular semester, including the classes you might take, what aspects you might be graded on, when breaks are etc.

The Student Life and Living on Campus webinar revolves around your future life in Middelburg. Students will be thereĀ  to explain what their housing looks like and what they do on a daily basis outside of academics.

Applying to UCR is a webinar for those who have questions about admissions requirements, how to prepare the application and what the process will be like.

Lastly, on alternating days, we will offer sample classes. These sample classes give you some insight in what teaching at UCR can be like. The list of sample classes may still have further updates so feel free to check back.

When you sign up for one (or more) of our webinars, you will receive a confirmation email with the links to access those webinars. Do select all webinars you want to join.


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