Students in Molenwater park

Molenwater park

The Molenwater park is one of the most famous parks in Middelburg. It is just a short bike ride away from UCR, but you can also quickly get to it by foot. A favorite within the UCR community, students come here to relax between classes or have a bite to eat. Also, if it’s sunny and warm outside, professors sometimes like to give their classes here, which makes for a one of a kind learning experience in nature!

UCR to Molenwater Park:

  • by bike: 3min
  • by foot: 10min


The Erasmuspark gets its name from Desiderius Erasmus, a Dutch philosopher who is considered one of the greatest scholars of the northern Renaissance period. This park is a bit farther away from UCR, but is still quite quickly and easily accessible. Get ready to be surrounded by lush greenery and peace and quiet when you’re here! This park is recommended whenever you feel like going for a long walk or run.

UCR to Erasmuspark:

  • by bike: 9min
  • by foot: 22min
Het Meiveld

Het Meiveld park

Het Meiveld park is also one of the unique parks you can visit here in Middelburg. You can find it just outside the city center. It has a football field and an outdoor gym and it is especially loved by families and kids but you can still come here to get lost in the pages of a good book!

UCR to Het Meiveld park:

  • by bike: 8min
  • by foot: 20min


students at the park

Toorenvliedt park

The last park we’ll explore today is the Toorenvliedt park. Located west of Erasmuspark, this park  belongs to the family of Toorenvliedt, whose manor was built in the 18th century and served as the German command post for the Walcheren and Bevelanden regions during the Second World War. Many bunkers have been constructed in the park and are still for the most part intact. You can come here if you want to go on a trip back in time and to enjoy the greenery and fresh air.

UCR to Toorenvliedt park:

  • by bike: 8min
  • by foot: 25min