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Make international friends

The Netherlands is a very international and diverse country. Studying at UCR in Middelburg will allow you to meet and befriend people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse interests and will also help you to become more open minded to and accepting of different cultures and ways of life.

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Develop as a person

You are now living on your own in a new country, an exciting (but at first possibly terrifying) new challenge! But don’t fret. This will allow you to gain some independence¬† and maturity as you will have to manage your own finances and responsibilities and control your own budget. You will thus become more self-reliant and will rely less on others to get things done.

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Become a citizen of the world

Studying in a new country will allow you to see the world through a new lens, something you may not have experienced before. Think of it this way: borders between countries are just man-made creations. At UCR, we remove all of them in an aim to foster a one of a kind international environment. You will learn that you are indeed a citizen of the world, and that the possibilities of becoming who you want to be in this world are endless.

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Learn more about yourself

Throwing yourself into a completely new environment will help you figure out who you are as a person and will help you learn about what you are good at. Getting used to living a new lifestyle, in a new country away from home may also expose you to new foods, interests and hobbies that you might have not known about before coming here!

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Gain an unforgettable experience

The memories made here at UCR will stay with you forever, whether you decide to stay in the Netherlands, go back home or travel and work in a new country upon graduation. Studying abroad will help you make amazing memories and live an unforgettable experience!