Domburg, Vlissingen and Oostkapelle, to name a few are some of the many beaches available to students, tourists and locals in Zeeland. So put on your swimsuit and get ready to enjoy the best of what the province has to offer: the beach! Below we explore three of Zeeland’s most iconic sea-side destinations.



The quiet town of Domburg is located on the northwest coast of Walcheren in Zeeland. A seaside resort, the town is home to about 1,500 residents and is a well-known summer destination for Zeeuwse locals and tourists alike. For centuries, people came here to relax and enjoy the clean sea air and water. The wide sandy beach is a wonderful attraction here, with small and cozy beach huts lining the coast.

Middelburg to Domburg:

  • by bike: 40min
  • by bus: 30min


Vlissingen, historically recognized in English as “Flushing”, is a city and municipality in the southwest of Zeeland. Historically known for its sandy beach and its boulevard (the longest in the country!), Vlissingen is a staple and a must-see in the province’s wide array of sea-side destinations. The city’s maritime history is also evident wherever you go, giving Vlissingen a unique flare.

Middelburg to Vlissingen:

  • by bike: 20min
  • by train: 8min



Another important sea-side destination in the province of Zeeland is Oostkapelle, a small and quiet town of about 2,000 inhabitants which lies about 9km north of Middelburg. After the Second World War, the town developed into a spa, similarly to Domburg, and became a well-known getaway for people from Zeeland and beyond.

Middelburg to Oostkapelle:

  • by bike: 30min
  • by bus: 20min