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 Housing Affairs Council

To represent students’ housing interests and thereby working to ensure the best living conditions on campus for a reasonable price.

The Housing Affairs Council (HAC) is an independent student body representing the interests of students living in the University College Roosevelt City Campus locations. The HAC works to ensure an optimal living environment by working closely with the students as well as the UCR, Villex and the Municipality.

The HAC isn’t just for students. The HAC tries to keep in touch with UCR’s neighbors as well, by offering campus tours and distributing a newsletter informing them about events organized by students.

Additionally, the HAC is involved in various projects which include the annual Campus Olympics, the Bagijnhof Christmas Market, and IntRoweek events.

Prospective students can contact HAC at

HAC Board 2016-2017

Joost Verheggen (Chair)
Corine Fontijn (Secretary)
Bram Medelli (Treasurer)
Madelon Engels (Koestraat Campus Elder)
Jelle Hubertse (Bagijnhof Campus Elder)
Carolien van Klompenburg (Roggeveenhof Campus Elder)
Femke Koekkoek (Bachtensteene Campus Elder)