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 SCI 291 - Life Science Laboratory



​This course is aimed at science students and those interested in a medical track to introduce them in the biochemical and molecular laboratory of today. Modern biomedical research as well as clinical diagnostics are founded on biochemical experimental procedures. In particular students will learn those essential techniques of modern molecular biology, biochemistry, and computational biology (bioinformatics) using a protocol-based approach.

This laboratory course is built around four themes: blood, proteins, bacteria & hygiene, and DNA & genetic modified organisms (GMO). These are characteristic for the scientific field in clinical and biomedical research.

The concepts, principles and techniques used in this course include: basic blood cell and blood protein analysis, ELISA, various microbiological techniques, protein purification, protein and DNA gel electrophoresis, DNA isolation, polymerase chain reaction (PCR),  and DNA and protein data base searches.



Dr. Karine Steketee, Dr. Theresa Dinse and Dr. José de Winter




The following courses are required in order to take this course:

  • SCI 131 Introduction to Life Science
  • SCI 191 Introductory Science Laboratory

Required for

This course is required in order to take the following course

  • ​SCI 391 Advanced Science Laboratory​