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 Message from the Dean

A very warm welcome to University College Roosevelt!

The mission of University College Roosevelt is to improve the lives and the planning for personal success of its students, associates and the larger community, by providing superior learning opportunities in the liberal arts and sciences at the honors bachelor’s level.

Here, in one of the most beautiful buildings in the Netherlands, you will find a vibrant academic community centered on a Liberal Arts and Sciences bachelor’s program that is part of the world-renowned Utrecht University, and was labeled “excellent” by the Dutch accreditation organization. You will hear piano music in the hallways and see posters announcing activities ranging from poetry nights to sports activities, from debate contests to science meetings. Behind every door you will find small classes (never more than 26!) with students from all over the world working on mathematical formulas, engaged in a moot court in law class, presenting on psychology or working in the language or medical lab.

Students come to the city of Middelburg because they love learning, have a broad range of interests, don’t mind working hard, thrive in an international environment and have an open, critical mind. Some are specifically attracted to our pre-med track, or our performing arts track, but most simply have a wide range of interests and do not want to limit their options in the first years of their studies. Our instructors (of whom 80% have a PhD) are all dedicated faculty, specialists in their field, and people who love teaching and enjoy the luxury of having 30 sessions for every course they teach, as well as true dialogue with their students. Here, you will find full professors passionately teaching first-year courses. Both students and teachers love living in Middelburg, where we have a myriad of connections in research fields and community outreach, but also local coffee bars and the best bookstore in the Netherlands.

A Liberal Arts and Sciences bachelor’s degree allows students to truly explore a variety of interests and to broaden their academic horizon while developing strong academic skills. After three years in Middelburg, over 80% of students obtain their B.A. or B.Sc. diploma and are accepted into prestigious master’s programs all over the world. Our alumni survey shows that students generally excel in those programs and that 93% of them would come to Middelburg again. As one of them wrote, ‘What I most valued was the open atmosphere, where there was always the possibility of asking questions, and of active participation, the stimulation of my own creativity, the wide range of courses, the international influences and the intensive contact with lecturers.’

I hope to be able to walk with you through the hallways of the beautiful building one day and to show you the magic of, in the words of another alumnus, this ‘engine that works on motivation’.

Most sincerely,

Prof. Bert van den Brink, Dean


Prof. Bert van den Brink is part of the UCDN (University College Deans Network), a network of the University College Deans who meet on a regular basis to discuss points of joint interest. You can find their statement here.