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About me

Since 2007 UCR has been my academic home. I coordinate the Sociology Track and have been Diversity Fellow. I direct two exceptional programs, the Going Glocal Mexico and the Decolonial Summer School. The Going Glocal Mexico is our flagship program on Global Citizenship education, it fosters deep intercultural encounters between our students and communities in Mexico. In 2019, the Decolonial Summer School that I coordinate with Prof. Walter Mignolo celebrated its 10th anniversary. Under the direction of Prof. Gloria Wekker, I co-authored the ground breaking report ‘Let’s do Diversity’ at the Diversity Commission of the University of Amsterdam. I am regularly invited to be keynote speaker across the globe. In the last couple of years, I delivered more than 40 keynotes and graduate seminars on decoloniality. My forthcoming book with the Mondriaan Funds ‘The Vistas of Modernity’ focuses on decolonial aesthesis and functions as an archeology of the white gaze.

Recent publications

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