Classes at University College Roosevelt take place in five buildings located throughout the city center. All in close proximity, these places offer various services, such as computer labs, study areas, and printers.
  • Address

    Lange Noordstraat 1 4331 CB Middelburg
  • Usage

    Study spaces, classrooms, professor offices


Franklin is the main building, and is located in the former city hall. This building contains classrooms 13 to 18, the offices of UCR Management, staff, and faculty, Student Support, a music room, a computer lab, and the Reception desk.

Address: Lange Noordstraat 1, 4331 CB Middelburg


Theodore is our smallest building and was the first location where classes were held when UCR opened in 2004. You can find classrooms 1 and 2 in Theodore. It is also the home of the Hans Lipperhey Museum, that tells the story of how Middelburg resident Hans Lipperhey discovered the telescope back in 1608. The museum is part of Stichting Volkssterrenwacht Philippus Lansbergen who practice public astronomy.

Address: Helm 3, 4331 CD Middelburg


In Eleanor you will find the offices of most of our faculty members, classrooms 7 to 11, a computer lab, a printer, the IT desk for all your computer problems, and lots of study space. Also located in this building is the art and design practice room, where students study and create art.

Address: Stadhuisstraat 2, 4331 PK Middelburg


Though Elliott is the social heart of the UCR community, this building is home to classrooms 19 and 20 and provides students with recently modernized study areas. As Elliott is completely student run and owned, UCR rents the classroom spaces from the Elliott Board.

Address: Lange Noordstraat 42, 4331 CE

De Burg

De Burg is the newest building of the five and contains classrooms 24 and 25, the larger of which will function as the main Engineering space. Hidden in the basement is a door to a courtyard where students can get some fresh air during class breaks or in between classes.

Address: Groenmarkt 13, 4331 BH Middelburg

Outdoor Classroom

Though it technically does not belong to any of the five buildings, the Outdoor Classroom is a focal point on campus. Located in between Franklin and Theodore, this Classroom is under the watchful eye of our Eleanor and Franklin statues.  It is a space that faculty, students, locals, and tourists are welcome to use for an impromptu class on a sunny day, a meeting, or a moment to rest.

Address: Helmplein

Academic Buildings

Lange Noordstraat 1 4331 CB Middelburg