Every student has a personal tutor, a professor who is the first person you contact in case there are problems and who can refer you for further help. Your tutor also helps you make decisions about courses, so you can create the best academic program for your future.


Counselor and Psychologist

If you run into issues of a more personal nature, that you would like to share with a professional in confidence, Karen van den Berg is here for you as part of the on-campus support.  If you are struggling with a decision you need to make, feeling down, stressed, or overwhelmed, while at UCR then you are welcome to make contact. Karen van den Berg can refer you to the student  psychologist, Huibrecht Boluijt, for short term support if needed.

Picture from left to right: Christine Crommelin, Christine Leedy and Karen van den Berg

Study Skills

If you run into issues of a practical nature, such as procrastination, difficulties in writing papers or planning your work, the Study Skills Center offers workshops, lunch sessions and individual coaching.  You can make an appointment with Christine Crommelin and Christine Leedy to address general questions related to studying.


Outside Campus

If you want to find support off-campus, feel free to contact the local or national support services. As a small institution, we use the resources available off-campus to support our students.