I discovered UCR thanks to my career counselor in France. I participated in one of the Open Days and fell immediately in love with this university. I was mostly impressed by the atmosphere: students and professors from all over the world are here to share their experience and knowledge, as well as developing their critical thinking.

Academically, I was awe-struck by the diversity of courses taught at UCR. Compared to the French educational system, UCR provides a lot more leeway to students, as you can attend courses from different branches and even combine several fields of study. For instance, I have been able to study politics and anthropology while attending courses on religious studies and history. You can also do internships or participate in an exchange with partner universities, which is a big plus for your academic career. Lastly, you are supported by an assigned tutor, who advises their tutees and meets regularly with them to check that everything goes smoothly.

Apart from academics, UCR offers an infinity of activities and opportunities to volunteer students: you can be part of a team or a committee, organize parties, or participate in special events. The city of Middelburg is also unique for welcoming a refugee center, in which UCR students can volunteer whenever they want.

Lastly, UCR appears of great interest for providing students the chance to live on campus. This point was extremely beneficial to me when I arrived to the Netherlands. I personally moved to Bagijnhof, where I was welcomed by 15 amazing housemates that helped me feel at home. Again, UCR provides freedom to students, who can select which campus suits them the best. In my case, living in one of the student houses has been one of the best experiences of my life. In sum, UCR is the perfect solution for students who want to combine academics and social life.

In sum, UCR is the perfect solution for students who want to combine academics and social life.
Tiphaine Trudelle