What you can expect

We would have loved to welcome you to Middelburg in person, but as circumstances don’t permit that, we’re so happy that we can at least virtually introduce you to our university, program, students and faculty on our Online Open Day. Prior to the day, you will be able to watch some introductory videos. These will be followed by live sessions on Saturday, 6 March where you can:

  • Join a Student Q&A in real time;
  • Take part in a live Parent Q&A;
  • Meet our Professors virtually; and
  • Chat with our Admissions team.

Starting at 12:00 CET and concluding at 15:30 CET, there will be ample opportunity to take part in the sessions, whichever timezone you are in.

So sign up today and virtually meet us on 6 March. See you soon!

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945)