• If you intend to travel (see travel advice below), you must complete a mobility form.
  • Use this 7-point checklist before traveling to the Netherlands. The Travel App from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has up-to-date travel advice per country. Download it here for Android or iOS.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via Please note that the mailbox is not monitored on weekends or public holidays.
  • More information about our flexible approach to teaching and how it works in practice can be found here.
  • Visit this page for detailed information on self-quarantine.
  • The rules, protocol and etiquette as it applies to UCR are available here.
  • Detailed information for faculty and staff is available here (password protected).

Most recent information

  • All teaching will remain online until at least 26 April 2021.
  • On 26 April, if the Government permits, UCR will once again offer a flexible model which will include some in-person teaching.
  • The government has released a phased plan to relax corona measures in the coming weeks and months. Provisional dates have been set for the start of each phase, but will depend on the situation of the pandemic at the time. See section 1 below for more information.
  • Rapid self-testing may be made available in May. Taking the self-test will be your own responsibility and will not be an access requirement for on-site education (but is strongly encouraged).
  • Being on campus is not mandatory. You may choose to complete this semester fully online. If you opt for the latter, please do so in consultation with your instructors and tutor and send an email to to notify UCR once you have reached an agreement.
  • June courses will also be offered online as well as in-person if possible under the rules at the time.
  • Traveling (back) to the Netherlands from a “red” or “orange” country or region has become very restrictive. You may be required to have a negative PCR test, and/or negative rapid test, and/or negative test declaration, and/or health declaration, all that meet very specific requirements depending on where you are traveling from (read more here). You would also have to self-quarantine upon your arrival (read more here).
  • Face masks are to be worn in all indoor, communal areas of all open UCR academic buildings.
  • The Dutch government has issued a strict travel advisory: do not travel abroad and do not book any trips abroad in the period up to and including 15 May 2021.

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