The core mission of the Friends of University College Roosevelt Foundation is to raise funds to provide financial aid to UCR students; bright young adults who can benefit from financial assistance in order to access the opportunities generated by UCR. A small financial investment in a motivated young person at the right time makes a major difference for that student’s future and for society as a whole.

What We Do

How We Help

We provide interest-free loans with extended grace periods; giving the students sufficient time to pursue further education and establish themselves professionally, while encouraging them to support future generations of UCR students and enabling the Foundation to become partly self-sustainable within several years.

Support for special educational activities and projects and, in exceptional cases, to individual students.

How We Work

Friends of UCR is an independent foundation associated with University College Roosevelt. It is governed by a board consisting of UCR representatives, major sponsors from the foundation, and UCR alumni.

UCR proposes excellent applicants in need of financial support; the Foundation Board selects the final candidates. A list of awards will be published annually on the Foundation’s website.

Become Our Friend!

As a Friend of UCR, you can contribute to – and share in the benefits of – UCR’s continuous development as a center of excellent undergraduate education, the gateway of inspiration from Middelburg to the rest of the world. Your donation allows talented students from diverse backgrounds to develop into the leaders of tomorrow at University College Roosevelt. Friends of UCR welcomes donations from individuals as well as companies.

Does this seem like a sound investment to you? Then join us and become a Friend! Find more information on our website or contact us via