All students who wish to study at a Dutch university need to register on Studielink. Studielink is the nation-wide, centralized registration system for all Higher Education. Because University College Roosevelt has a selective admissions process, we ask all prospective students to take the following steps as soon as they start their application process:

1.       Go the page If necessary, you can click on English in the top righthand corner.

2.       If you live in the Netherlands, you need to sign in with your DigiD. If you do not live in the Netherlands, you can create a Studielink username and password by clicking on ‘Create Studielink Account without DigiD’. Fill out all the relevant details.

3.       Once you have signed in, check your enrolment history and click next.

4.       In the form that now opens, you can search for location Middelburg and choose the program ‘Liberal Arts & Sciences (University College Roosevelt)’. Click select.

6.       Now fill out your preferred start date (1 February or 1 September), type of enrolment (student), start as (first-year). Do not select higher-year, you will not be able to complete our enrolment.

7.       You will now need to answer some more questions. Answer those and then press confirm.

8.       Check all the information you filled out, tick the box at the bottom and press confirm again.

9.       You’re done with Studielink!  You will receive some e-mails from Studielink about your registration, please do what these e-mails tell you to do.