3D drawing

September 19, 2019

In today’s class of the Energy Transition Project, our students received some training from Erik de Jonge, who has recently started at UCR and the Engineering department as our technical support! They practiced making isometric drawings, which is a skill necessary to be able to communicate ideas about design and structure precisely.

Who Are You? The Dean interviews Dr. İlke Ercan

September 16, 2019

For his weekly column, Dean Prof. Bert van den Brink interviews a Faculty member, a Staff member, or a student. This week, he spoke to associate professor Dr. İlke Ercan about her experience with Liberal Arts and Science, her values, and her ambitions. Read the interview below!

Ministries and provincial council visit the Engineering department

September 13, 2019

We were very happy to welcome a group of representatives from the Provincial Council of Zeeland, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Affairs , and the Ministry of the Interior today. As the Engineering department is part of the Zeeland region deal, they visited UCR during their tour to see what the new department is about and the role it plays in the Beta Campus Zeeland project.

Students Emil and Veerle, as well as Dr. İlke Ercan, discussed their experiences in the weeks they have been at the university, their expectations of the department, and what they are hoping to achieve during their time at UCR.

You can read more about the region deal here (Dutch).

First field trip

September 4, 2019

The Engineering group went on their first field trip this Wednesday to biomass power plant Duurzame Energie Sirjansland (DES) BV. They got an impression of what a power plant looks like and learned about DES’ process of using green waste (wood chips) to create heat for their glasshouses and CO2 for spurring plant growth.

As the power plant is situated on Schouwen-Duiveland, we took the scenic route and the students got to see the Oosterscheldekering, the beautiful Zeeuws scenery, as well as some cultural heritage (the Plompe Toren!).

The Engineering group will be visiting some more companies throughout their program to have a closer look at how the themes of energy, water, and food production are tackled in Zeeland.

Click here to see what exactly DES BV does.

Don’t try this at home: Setting crisps on fire to measure energy

August 23, 2019

On the final day of their Orientation week, first year students were invited to a ‘carousel’ of energy-related workshops around the UCR campus, organized by the Youth Energy Society Challenge (YESC). Dr. Ilke Ercan and Dr. Gudrun Kocher-Oberlehner presented the students with a DIY calorie measuring experiment. They burned high-fat-content crisps and, using the energy generated from that, heated up a small quantity of water. The temperature change of the water was an accurate predictor of the calorie content as stated on the crisp package! We look forward to more workshops and lectures related to energy within our Energy Transition project-course which is taking place for the first time ever in Fall 2019.


August 21, 2019

One of our new students, Emil from Oslo, spoke to the PZC about coming to study in Middelburg. Read the article (in Dutch) here.

“The streets of Middelburg are beautiful. The brick houses look so modern. The people here are quite similar to people from Oslo: very friendly and incredibly helpful.”

Welcome Class of 2022!

August 19, 2019

Today, the Class of 2022 has started their social Orientation. This will be the beginning of three years at University College Roosevelt. Six of them will be starting the Engineering Pioneering program, and will help the Faculty and Staff develop the curriculum. We wish them the best of luck!