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Eleanor 0.23 - Helpdesk

About me

I am the IT Officer at UCR. I was born in Goes and still live there right now. I studied IT in Vlissingen for multiple years and I studied a year of social work before starting my working career in IT. I have done an unusual amount of internships within IT, ranging from profit to nonprofit organizations, large and small.

This all helps me a lot now that I work as the IT guy for UCR. I love this job, I love the people and the place. UCR has one of the most accepting work cultures I have experienced in my time being an IT guy. This helps immensely in the working spirit of everyone around me here, including myself. I don’t feel like a number here and I feel like I can make an impact which makes my work that much more enjoyable.

These students have chosen voluntarily to take on an incredibly difficult study course. It’s somewhat special to be able to help these students achieve those goals and dreams. We are working on people’s dreams here for the rest of their life, this makes me feel responsible for my job.

Apart from UCR I am a big believer in taking care of yourself. I fitness regularly, enjoy the small things, music, reading books and spending time with my friends and family. I do love alone time a lot too. And of course, as an IT guy, I do also love gaming : )