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 Waterloo Uncovered 2017

On July the 9th, UCR students will be joining the 3rd season of excavations on the battlefield of Waterloo with Waterloo Uncovered ( This unique project, which combines cutting edge research with care for veterans from recent conflicts provides students with archaeological field skills and research opportunities.  Students get the chance to work with leading archaeologists from Glasgow University and Gent University and also with professional field archaeologists and veterans. This time round Dutch veterans are taking part for the first time and later in the year students will work together with them on educational activities. Another new development this year is that Tobias van Gent will be joining Vicki Haverkate and the students- Tim Beelen, Charlotte Kik and Annick Wijnstra -  to add his historical knowledge to the project. 

The dig in 2017.

You can follow the dig on Facebook and on the website. Look out for live feeds,​ and daily updates on

Veteran care on the project is also supported by the fundraising event, Reading to Remember which will be held on July the 12th. Students will be taking part too by reading from original accounts of the battle for a whole day.

The local Omroep Zeeland wrote an article on the project, including an interview with the students working on it.

Sara Pita and a British veteran investigating the foundations of the wall in 2016.


Professor van Gent visited on Thursday to come and see the work Vicki Haverkate and the students (Charlotte, Tim and Annick) have been doing, and to talk to Professor Tony Pollard from the University of Glasgow about the archaeology being done. It was also discussed how Waterloo Uncovered can benefit from professor van Gent's historical knowledge.

Waterloo 2.jpeg
On Wednesday, accounts from the Battle of Waterloo were read out for the duration of the battle (11 hours). The picture shows Charlotte and Annick listening to the letters of General Chassée read by Wim van Esch, from the Dutch Veteran Institute.