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 Student Presents Research

What is the Participation Declaration, and what does it tell us about refugee reception in the Dutch municipalities? Last Tuesday, Emma Leenders presented her Capstone research on this topic at the European University Institute in Florence, together with prof. Oomen. The Declaration, with which certain newcomers have to declare that they will respect “Dutch Values” is a highly symbolic piece of legislation in national politics, but the local workshops focus more on practical aspects of living in the Netherlands, like when to put out the garbage. The article presented, ‘Symbolic laws, street-level bureaucrats’ will be published in a book on the politics of bordering and forms an example of UCRs undergraduate research. Emma, who recently started a master at the University of Edinburgh, states ‘I learnt so much more about academic writing and research skills at UCR than my fellow students did in their bachelor program’. This year, too, senior UCR students will conduct research in the Cities of Refuge project, this time including fieldwork in countries like Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.