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 Summer School 2018

​This summer, UCR was again the host of a number of different summer schools. In total, seven courses took place in Middelburg. We welcomed 94 students from 25 different counties. Some came from as far flung as Brazil or Indonesia, while a number of local UCR students also took part. Ages ranged between 18 and 67, with about half the participants aged under 25. They enjoyed a wide variety of programs. 

The seven courses offered included the Four Freedoms Summer Program, three courses all exploring a different part of Human Rights. In a week each, these courses delved into Human Rights at the local level, in education and in media. Next to that, the Decolonial Summer School had its ninth iteration and invesitagated democracy. Other recurring summer courses were Food Politics in the European Union and Confronting Terrorism in Today's World, ​both starting their third iteration. Lastly, Battlefields Uncovered introduced archaeologcal and historical investigations of conflict to the curriculum.  

All courses offer very different content and activities. For example, Food Politics students went to visit local farms and the fish auction next to having several guest lecturers explian different aspects of the politics of food. The Decolonial Summer School participants joined a lecture at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam and witnessed performances from artists from all over the world. The students in the Battlefield course went to see different historic defenses within the region and the Human Rights at the Local level participants joined their teacher at a session in Ghent. 

All in all, the students enjoyed their summer schools and most are on their way back home. We say goodbye to the last students on July 20th.