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 Refugee Integration Event

On Tuesday, UCR students who participated in the Capstone research project ‘Cities of Refuge’ discussed their results with 120 provincial policymakers, newcomers, politicians, other professionals and citizens in the Zeeuwse Concertzaal. How does integration of recent refugees take place in the municipalities of Zeeland? Students did interviews, participant observation and extensive survey research and looked at education, housing, work but also well-being. 

The Capstone projects show the considerable influence that individuals have, particularly local public officials, in shaping local policies for refugee reception and integration within the relatively small municipalities of Zeeland. The research also investigated local debates on refugee reception and integration, which tend to focus on numbers. The research projects point towards the often more complex reality behind these numbers and stresses the importance of taking into consideration individual stories and experiences of newcomers in Zeeland. Students also identified local challenges, such as the fragmented landscape of care and social support provision to refugees within municipalities.​

During the meeting, all present formulated specific action points for local authorities and the province of Zeeland. The Zeeland outreach event was a Side Event of the Four Freedoms awards, and received attention in the local press, as covered by Omroep Zeeland and PZC.  A full report of the event will be shared at a later stage on the Cities of Refuge website. 

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