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 RA becomes UCR!

As of February 5 2013, Roosevelt Academy will have a new name: University College Roosevelt. An important reason for this change is the inclusion of a term which has become standard nationally and internationally: University College. At the same time, the virtual home of Roosevelt has undergone a make-over and can now be found at  

University College Roosevelt

The new name stands for the three key elements of our identity. We are a University that offers a Liberal Arts and Sciences program in the best scholarly tradition. We are also a College, a true academic community with students who live on campus and dedicated faculty and staff. Finally, we are Roosevelt, proudly connected to the heritage of the Roosevelt family in the field of human rights, the Four Freedoms and global citizenship in our education. We will always remain an Academy at heart, dedicated to the ideal of broad and deep learning, but the new name allows us to communicate more effectively what studying at UCR entails.

A new house style

Apart from the new name, University College Roosevelt will also get a new house style. Developing a new house style was necessary since we did not have a formalized house style. In the past year, the Roosevelt community has deliberated over the elements that should be present in the house style. The result is as follows:

• University Colleges are an innovation in modern-day higher education. There is no other academic education in which the Liberal Arts & Sciences concept is so deeply engrained. Innovation stands for renewal and change. That modern element is reflected in the new house style in the choice of color and font, as well as in the contemporary depiction of the former town hall in the logo.

• The concept of Liberal Arts & Sciences is based upon the idea of the homo academicus, the broadly educated intellectual. An idea stemming from ancient Greece. Similarly, University College Roosevelt is located at a historic location: the former town hall of Middelburg. Tradition is therefore important at University College Roosevelt, as reflected in the classic font in the logo and a second classic font in the house style. 

• University College Roosevelt is located in Middelburg and therefore forms an integral part of Zeeland. The tower of the former town hall in the logo is a reflection of that. In Zeeland, University College Roosevelt is often referred to as ‘de Roosevelt’. This will now become an accepted abbreviation of our new name, as well as UCR.

Change and continuity

Apart from all these changes, there are many things that will remain the same. Roosevelt is the name UCR will continue to carry with pride. We continue to be part of Utrecht University. The strong bond between students, faculty and staff will remain the cornerstone of our education. In the house style and on the new website (, this will be reflected by the prominent position students occupy in the images and texts.

More information

Should you have any questions about the new house style, please don't hesitate to contact the Communications Office at