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 Orientation 2018

On August 13, Registration for all new first years will start at 14.00.             
Please come to the front entrance of the Town Hall on the Market Square of   Middelburg.


We’re looking forward to welcoming you! In the first week we’ll focus on considering what it means to think like an academic, to read academic texts and to participate in academic discussions.  In the second week, RASA (Roosevelt’s All Students Association) has lots of exciting activities planned and you’ll discover the extra-curricular components of life at UCR. 

To prepare: 

Have a look at the program for the first week of Orientation* and more information on the optional workshops hosted on Friday and Saturday.  

Re-read the letter from the Direction of Education on how to prepare for the first week.

Re-read the welcome letter from RASA (Roosevelt's All Student Association).

You will find other useful information, including what you need to do before travelling to Middelburg​ here

* Please note: there is a slight mistake in the program. On Thursday morning, Groups A-E will have LAS Groups and Groups F-I will have their library visit. Friday morning, this will be reversed.