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 Fellow - Maaike Roozenburg

In light of the celebrations surrounding the 250th anniversary of the Koninklijk Zeeuwsch Genootschap der Wetenschappen (KZGW), designer and researcher Maaike Roozenburg has been appointed Zeeuws Genootschap Fellow for the next academic year (2019-2020). She will follow science historian Huib Zuidvaart (2017-2018) and Ad Maas, Conservator Natural Sciences since 1800, Museum Boerhave, Leiden (2015-2016).

The work of Maaike Roozenburg combines heritage, technology and experimental making. This interdisciplinary way of working suits the developments within UCR and KZGW. On the one hand, the new Engineering department at UCR allows for curriculum innovation. On the other hand, the digitalization of the collection of the Zeeuws Genootschap offers the chance to make and show connections between items in the collection that are not physically together.

Until the summer, Maaike Roozenburg will investigate the how and why of the Zeeuws Genootschap collection and make a preselection of promising study objects. The focus is mostly on objects that can provide insights on urgent themes in the present. In the fall, she will teach the course ‘True Replicas’, together with artist and UCR instructor Sophie Krier. This course will have students map objects from different disciplines. They will then replicate the objects using digital techniques (3D scanning and printing). Research questions may include: What can we learn from old objects? What new layers of meaning can we add? Can we design intuitive interactions?  

3D scanning archeological glassware_CT scanner.jpg 3D scanning heritage objects in a CTscanner.jpg