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 New Developments at UCR

​The past few months have seen UCR take important steps towards a bright future. 

Engineering and Innovation Studies

In July, the funding for a new Department of Engineering and Innovation Studies was secured. This new department within the existing Liberal Arts & Sciences curriculum will enable students with a broad range of interests in science, engineering and innovation to create their own unique program. Within the living laboratory of the Dutch delta that is Zeeland, these students will be contributing to technical innovations for challenges like climate change, renewable energy, sustainable food production and water safety. We hope to welcome the first Engineering and Innovation Studies students in 2020. These new students will be doing part of their research in the Joint Research Center.

Joint Research Center

Intensive cooperation between the HZ University of Applied Sciences, ROC Scalda and UCR has resulted in the creation of a state-of-the-art research and teaching laboratory, right here in Middelburg: the Joint Research Center. Expected to open in 2020, the Joint Research Center will enable students to conduct their laboratory work in a brand new, dedicated environment.