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 Lecture Prof. Balkenende

​​On Wednesday February 27, former Prime Minister Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende visited UCR. He gave a guest lecture to approximately 70 students from University College Roosevelt, HZ University of Applied Sciences, CSW and Nehalennia. After a quick round of questions to get to know his audience, he began his talk covering four different topics. 


In his lecture, Prof. Balkenende expressed a need to work together as Europe in light of current global political trends. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of a balance of powers within Europe. 


After a brief introduction to the history of the European Union, Prof. Balkenende spoke about the possibilities Europe has in the future. He identified a gap between the need for cooperation and the current critical sounds, but also highlighted the way forward: Creating a new narrative for Europe. 

Global Agenda

Prof. Balkenende then spoke about what the unifying forces can be in our current political climate: the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement and the idea of the circular economy. 


Finally, Prof. Balkenende spoke about the importance of values and how the global agenda is no longer an abstract thing. Rather, it is beginning to find implementation locally. Prof. Balkenende ended his talk by encouraging everyone to be involved in these local implementations: Change is possible, but we need to fight for it.