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 Jam Sessions

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Those who have visited Middelburg will know that, though very cosy, it’s not necessarily a buzzing city. Most students would classify it as ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’. The city is their home and big enough to keep life in Middelburg entertaining. This does however mean that students need to be a little more inventive with their events. In other words, if nothing is planned, nothing will happen.

Every so often, Music Society organises a ‘Jam Session’. The original idea was simple, allow for shy musicians to meet and practice together in an informal setting. That way they could get used to playing with each other and perhaps even form a band and perform in public during events such as open mic nights or music poetry candlelight nights. During the first event, this is exactly what happened. The music, the spirit and the atmosphere was great and a single chord progression allowed for a violin, trumpet, saxophone, cajon, guitar and piano to sound like a well-rehearsed ensemble. The successful news travelled fast as the second event attracted more students and more musicians. Slowly, the jam sessions became less and less about the music and increasingly turned into a student gathering for people to enjoy a beer or two with some live music in the background. The only difference was that, every now and then, the musicians would choose to play a well-known singalong tune, allowing musicians and non-musicians to get together and have a good laugh over some famous songs.

In a small university where everybody is constantly busy, it’s the more intimate gatherings that make this place feel so special. The musicians are happy to play, the non-musicians are happy to sing along and Le Penseur is happy with the atmosphere as the students gather in the small pub on the corner of a cobbly street.