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 Celebrating Prof. Cornelisse

​​Prof. Cees Cornelisse has been at UCR almost from the start. He has since delighted many students with his anecdotes to try and explain biomedical processes. On May 1st, his work at UCR was celebrated and remembered as he will continue to enjoy his retirement after the semester ends. 

Students and staff gathered in the Burgerzaal to listen (and participate) in a program set up by Prof. Ger Rijkers, Talks & Music. The event consisted of speeches by different members of faculty. Former colleague of prof. Cornelisse at Leiden University prof. Devilee explained that prof. Cornelisse has had real impact. Alumnus Quiten Ducarmon - who showed that his further studies and work have all been influenced by prof. Cornelisse. Furthermore, a part of the Roosevelt College Choir sang one of prof. Cornelisse's favourite songs, and all guests managed to join in too. Dr. Frans van Overveld and student Margot Polderdijk played songs on the accordion. At the end of the program, Dean Bert van den Brink announced that prof. Cornelisse is to become the fourth person to receive the Roosevelt Medal. Prof. Cornelisse himself stated at the end of Talks & Music that he was very moved by all the contributions.The event concluded with a reception for which even more members of the UCR Community joined.

We wish prof. Cornelisse all the best!

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-03 at 09.26.52.jpeg 

 ​Dean Bert van den Brink (l) awards the Roosevelt Medal to prof. Cornelisse (r).