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 Fellowship for Dr. Luscombe

Dr Anya Luscombe has been awarded a Fellowship at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Beeld & Geluid) in Hilversum as part of a project on the Centenary of Dutch Radio.  Dr Luscombe is researching radio news and information services in the last 100 years. She will contribute to a book that will be published on 6 November 2019 and is involved in organizing an international conference on radio’s history and future.

An insight in her study

6 November 1919 not only saw the start of Dutch radio but also the first broadcast in the world of a previously publicized series of radio programs, by the radio station founded by inventor Hanso Idzerda.  Radio has been tremendously significant for society and culture in the last century, and it is predicted that it will continue to play a major role albeit in a constantly changing context. Radio’s ability to connect those with different backgrounds, identities and tastes suggests that radio has a new and vital future in the digital age of interactive media and narrowcasting technology.​