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 Classical Music Evening

On Thursday, May 2, UCR’s Music Society organized the annual UCR Classical Concert. An estimated 200 guests gathered in the beautiful Zeeuwse Concertzaal. From the opening performance of Panis Angelicus by César Franck, performed by Anja Hermann (voice) (accompanied on piano by Natasha Pavlova) to the closing performance from UCR choir (conducted by Ramon van den Boom, accompanied on piano by Natasha Pavlova), the audience reveled in a series of extraordinary performances. 13 performances with voice, flute, accordion, violin, piano, oboe, and choir showcased the richness of UCR’s special program in performing arts and, much broader, the rich musical culture at the college. The performing arts program is run by Prof. Albert Clement, professor of Musicology at UCR and Utrecht University.       ​

Roosevelt College Choir during their performance