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 Artist in Residence

University College Roosevelt proudly announces that it will host designer, researcher and educator Sophie Krier (Lux/B) as Artist in Residence throughout the year 2015. She will teach courses and explore the possibilities of starting an Art & Design track at UCR.

Sophie Krier - Artist in Residence UCR - How to think like a mountain.jpg

Drawing, Sophie Krier, 2015.

Inspired by  Chad Weidner, Assistant Professor UCR 'I teach young people about the importance of asking real questions, to “think like a mountain.” To think like a mountain means developing a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of everything.

Specifically, Sophie Krier will alternate immersive periods of encounters and conversations with practice-based fieldwork with students during a Summer Course in July 2015 and a pilot course in Fall 2015. Insights and experiences gained throughout the year will be translated into a blueprint for an Art & Design track, scheduled to be launched in January 2016.

The initiative is inspired by other Special Programs at UCR, such as the Music Performance track, which successfully combines vocational and theoretical training in music. Over the past year, prof. Barbara Oomen (Dean) and dr. Hans Bloemsma met with representatives of the art world to gauge the interest in, and feasibility of, an Art & Design track within UCR’s Liberal Arts & Sciences curriculum. The talks with (among others) the Sandberg Instituut confirmed that such a track could answer a growing societal need for innovative and interdisciplinary professionals.

The choice for Sophie Krier is based on the editorial nature of her practice in which she combines her passion for education, design and artistic research. Her body of work privileges the process above the end result. Over the years, Sophie Krier has orchestrated exhibitions, symposia, and interventions in public space as well as autonomous video works and publications.

As Sophie Krier writes in her preliminary notes : “We need artistic politicians, anthropological designers and literary philosophers of ethics... The complex and controversial issues of the world we inhabit ask for interconnected, personalised ways of working. With this initiative, UCR can contribute to the emergence of such practices. How can an Art & Design track build upon the existing educational model of the Liberal Arts & Science? Which societal needs should it address? Which knowledge alliances can it initiate? I hope to answer these questions and build the foundations for an Art & Design track in the upcoming year.”

The Artist in Residence was made possible by Rabobank Walcheren and Stichting ZigZag and will be developed in partnership with the Sandberg Instituut,  Jan van Eyck Academie, CBK Middelburg and Vleeshal.