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 Access to Justice Seminar

​How to bridge the gap between law in the books and justice done? This was the key question organized by UCRs professor Ippel together with students and the lawyers of Zeeland (the Zeeuwse Meesters). At the gathering of legal experts and ‘ordinary and extraordinary’ people, UCRs law teacher Naema Tahir emphasized the importance of procedural justice. Prof. Bovens, of the Scientific Council for Government Policies, emphasized the gap between knowing what’s right and acting upon it in an increasingly complex society. His colleague prof. Prins discussed the potential of digital tools in strengthening access to justice. The president of the Supreme Court, and others present, pointed at the potential of Zeeland as a pilot for justice innovation.

In line with the conference theme, prof. Ippel presented a new book ‘Het landschap van het recht’, introducing law to non-lawyers in an accessible manner. The book presentation and the seminar were followed by a celebration of prof. Ippel’s contributions to UCR, as he is retires this year. He will remain active as a president of the Zeeuwse Meesters.