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 How to Think like a Mountain in a Land of Sea


Bridging art, design and sciences

The Summer School is open to adventurous and collaborative minds at Master and Ph.D. level from the fields of art, design, social sciences and the humanities. In dialogue with experienced artists, designers as well as guest lecturers and scientists, participants will explore and appoint the contemporary cultural potential of the peninsula of Walcheren in Zeeland, The Netherlands.

Experimenting with new ways of doing research

Participants will undertake site-specific fieldwork – an empirical, trial and error approach that has proven of great value for both artistic and scientific research projects. During field trips and encounters with local experts we will collect cues about Walcheren’s cultural fabric: Which attempts at fighting, taming or embracing the natural forces that shape the land and the sea can we discern in today’s physical and mental landscape? Can we imagine new, meaningful rituals and beliefs, in response to qualities we collected? What can tomorrow’s society at large learn from these man-made actions and thoughts?

Making new images, and new stories

To ‘think like a mountain (1)’ can be seen as developing a deep appreciation of the interconnectedness of everything – places, people and things. In the space of one week, participants will imagine, visualise and test alternative cultural scenarios on site, whereby the making process will inform the thought process (2). The results will be published in a collectively defined format in order to enable further sharing.

With visual artist and architect John Körmeling, public space design duo Krijn Christiaansens & Cathelijne Montens (KCCM), journalist Tracy Metz, cultural historian Jeanine Dekker and more.


​Sign up for the summer course is via Utrecht Summer School.

(1) The phrase is borrowed from Chad Weidner, assistant professor in creative writing at University College Roosevelt, who relates thinking like amountain to 'the ability of asking real questions'.

(2) 'Thinking through making' is a term used by anthropologist Tim Ingold in reference to the making process as a correspondence between the maker and the material. Further reading: Making: Anthropology, Archeology, Art and Architecture, Ingold, T. Routledge, 2013.

​Sign up for the summer course is via Utrecht Summer School.

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